Transport Locations 2015

Posted by Amy Grey on September 21, 2015 | 1 comment

We are sold out for 2015. In order to keep the location of the event a secret right until the last minute, we ask guests to meet at the following locations where you will then be taken by bus to the secret location. Please take into consideration walking distances (of up to 600m) from the set down of buses to the venue when preparing your outfit and picnic ware. Consider a cart to carry your table and chairs. Some groups will arrive by bus and some will walk. We do not reveal which will be which as it will give away the secret location! If you have mobility issues please contact us, and we will help you select the best group. The other guests on your bus will also be those you ...

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DEB item ideas

Posted by Amy Grey on September 21, 2015 | 5 comments

Diner en Blanc is a unique pop-up event. Guests bring certain items as a tradition of the Diner en Blanc events, so that the location is kept a secret until the last minute and so it just pops up out of no where and then disappears without a trace. This unique part of the event keeps the ticket price low and affordable. As a member you are reinvited back to the event next year, and so once you have invested in some items, you can re-use these in the future. It is a truly sustainable event! Diner en Blanc Members need to bring the following for themselves and their guest: A square Folding Table between 60-90cm 2 white folding chairs (can be covered in a w...

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Missing your email invite?

Posted by Amy Grey on September 17, 2015 | 0 comment

Missing your email invite? All invites have been sent for 2015. If you are missing yours, it's not because we don't love you. The following may help you figure out what to do.   But after trying all of the relevant tasks, if you still don't have your email, please contact us ASAP (via Facebook, or commenting on this news blog). Phase 3 tickets go on sale on Tuesday at 9am, and we may sell out very quickly. You don't want to miss out.   1. Guests Firstly, if you attended as a "guest" last year, you won't receive an invite. It's only "Members" that receive Phase 1 invites. "Members" are the attendees who purchased ...

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Questions about tickets

Posted by Amy Grey on September 06, 2015 | 0 comment

At this time of year we often get lots of questions about tickets.  Diner en Blanc is a labour of love, and everyone organising it does so in their spare time, in order to keep the costs low for you. If you have a question for us, before emailing us, please have a look at the "News" posts, at our Frequently Asked Questions, on the website and on our Facebook. You could also post your question on  our Facebook page, our previous guests are great at helping us out to answer your questions (thanks for that guys!).   Here are some answers to questions we have been getting lately:   1. How do I get tickets? If you are not a member of Din...

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Save the Date 17th October 2015

Posted by Amy Grey on August 28, 2015 | 0 comment

Brisbane's favourite pop-up dinner will be on 17th October 2015. Brisbane’s fourth edition of the chic picnic will see food enthusiasts gather for a mysterious evening. As always, the location will not be revealed until the night, with diners set to gather at meeting points around the city before being taken by foot, bus or train to the venue. Add your name to the waiting list, for your chance to come

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