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Transport Locations 2016

In order to keep the location of the event a secret right until the last minute, we ask guests to meet at “Transport Locations”  where you will then be taken by bus or walk to the secret location. You will be prompted to select a location and sub-group when you purchase your ticket. To make the ticket buying process faster for you, it’s suggested you choose a location and consider the meeting times, before buying a ticket.
Group A - Charlotte Street (SOLD OUT)
Group B - Queens Park 
Group C – Queen Street Mall (Wintergarden) (SOLD OUT)
Group D - Adelaide Street (SOLD OUT)
Group E – Roma Street Parklands (SOLD OUT)
Group F – New Farm Park (SOLD OUT)
Group G – Reddacliff Place (SOLD OUT)
Group H – Eagle St Pier (SOLD OUT)
Group I – Albert St
Group J – QUT (SOLD OUT)
Details about these locations, times to meet and what sub-group you need to select are below.
Walking Distances
Please take into consideration walking distances (of up to 600m) when preparing your outfit and picnic ware. Consider a cart to carry your table and chairs. Some groups will arrive by bus and some will walk. We do not reveal which will be which as it will give away the secret location! If you have mobility issues please contact us (, and we will help you select the best group.
Meeting Times
Please note in order to scatter arrival times there are different meeting times depending on your transport location. You must be available for the meeting times.
Sitting with your friends
You automatically sit across the table from your “plus one”, your guest, so you will always have a friendly face sitting across from you at the event, but some people try to book in small groups, to sit with their friends.
If you would like to sit with a group of friends, it’s important that you select the same Transport Location and Sub-Group (details below) as your friends. The people in each sub-group will be the people that get on the bus with, or walk with, and will be the group that you sit with at the secret location.
If you want to sit with your friends, it’s best to discuss with them what sub-group you will all choose. But note some groups do sell out fast, and it’s impossible to predict. Once a sub-group is full, we cannot add more people. It is first come, first served. We also cannot swap people to other groups. It’s best to remain in contact with your friends while buying a ticket, so you can try and get the same group. If you miss out on the same group as your friends, we suggest selecting another group at the same Transport Location so you can sit as close to them as possible.
If you do miss out on selecting the same sub-group as your friends, do not worry, there are plenty of opportunities to get up and mingle with your friends – especially on the dance floor!
Notification of Sold Out Groups
We will do our best to update what groups have sold out or are close to selling out, as tickets are purchased. The sale date for tickets can be found here, and will be emailed to you a week before they go on sale.
Group A   - SOLD OUT
Transport Location: Charlotte Street (33 Charlotte Street, Brisbane)
Group Leader: Jodi
Sub-Group – A1  - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Karen
Meeting Time: 4pm
Sub-Group – A2  - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Susan
Meeting Time: 4pm
Sub-Group – A3  - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Belinda
Meeting Time: 4pm
Sub-Group – A4  - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Gretta
Meeting Time: 4pm
Sub-Group – A5  - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Megan
Meeting Time: 4pm

Group B
Transport Location: Queens Park (144A George Street, Brisbane)

Group Leader: Justin
Sub-Group – B1 - Almost sold-out
Table/Bus Leader: Karyn
Meeting Time: 4pm
Sub-Group – B2 - Almost sold-out
Table/Bus Leader: Vivenne
Meeting Time: 4pm
Sub-Group – B3 - Almost sold-out
Table/Bus Leader: Rebecca
Meeting Time: 4pm
Sub-Group – B4 -  SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Kelly
Meeting Time: 4pm

Sub-Group – B5 - Almost sold-out
Table/Bus Leader: Dan
Meeting Time: 4pm
Sub-Group – B6 -  SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Jane
Meeting Time: 4pm

Group C  - SOLD OUT
Transport Location: Queen Street Mall, outside Wintergarden (161 Queen Street, Brisbane)
Group Leader: Jo
Sub-Group – C1 - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Sheridan
Meeting Time: 3.25pm
Sub-Group – C2 - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Tam
Meeting Time: 3.25pm
Sub-Group – C3 - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Katrina
Meeting Time: 3.25pm
Sub-Group – C4 - Almost sold-out
Table/Bus Leader: Jacqueline
Meeting Time: 4.25pm
Sub-Group – C5 - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Gabby
Meeting Time: 4.25pm
Sub-Group – C6 - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Lisa
Meeting Time: 4.25pm

Group D   - SOLD OUT
Transport Location: Adelaide Street (5 Adelaide Street, Brisbane)
Group Leader: Murray
Sub-Group – D1 - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Linda
Meeting Time: 3.30pm
Sub-Group – D2 - Almost sold-out
Table/Bus Leader: Ziyu
Meeting Time: 3.30pm
Sub-Group – D3 - Almost sold-out
Table/Bus Leader: Dandan
Meeting Time: 3.30pm
Sub-Group – D4 - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Emily
Meeting Time: 3.30pm

Group E   - SOLD OUT
Transport Location: Roma Street Parklands (1 Parkland Blvd, Brisbane)
Group Leader: Louise
Sub-Group – E1 -  SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Shannon
Meeting Time: 3.25pm
Sub-Group – E2 -  SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Jayde
Meeting Time: 3.25pm
Sub-Group – E3 -  SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Angi
Meeting Time: 3.25pm
Sub-Group – E4 - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Ally
Meeting Time: 4.25pm
Sub-Group – E5 -  SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Craig
Meeting Time: 4.25pm
Sub-Group – E6 - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Sameer
Meeting Time: 4.25pm

Group F  - SOLD OUT
Transport Location: New Farm Park (1042 Brunswick Street, New Farm)
Group Leader: Barb
Sub-Group – F1 - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Sarah
Meeting Time: 3.50pm
Sub-Group – F2  - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Kitty
Meeting Time: 3.50pm
Sub-Group – F3  - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Sian
Meeting Time: 3.50pm
Sub-Group – F4 - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Mellonese
Meeting Time: 3.50pm

Group G  - SOLD OUT
Transport Location: Reddacliff Place (5 Adelaide Street, Brisbane)
Group Leader: Katherine
Sub-Group – G1  - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Gemma
Meeting Time: 4.30pm
Sub-Group – G2  - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Theresa
Meeting Time: 4.30pm
Sub-Group – G3  - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Maree
Meeting Time: 4.30pm
Sub-Group – G4 -  SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Graham
Meeting Time: 4.30pm

Group H - SOLD OUT
Transport Location: Eagle St Pier (Waterfront Place, 5/1 Eagle St, Brisbane)
Group Leader: Sapphira
Sub-Group – H1  - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Katrina
Meeting Time: 4pm
Sub-Group – H2  - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Jane
Meeting Time: 4pm
Sub-Group – H3  - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Mary
Meeting Time: 4pm
Sub-Group – H4 - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Fenny
Meeting Time: 4pm
Sub-Group – H5 - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Yen
Meeting Time: 4pm

Group I
Transport Location: Albert Street (123 Albert Street, Brisbane)
Group Leader: Birgit
Sub-Group – I1 - Almost sold-out
Table/Bus Leader: Narelle
Meeting Time: 4.30pm
Sub-Group – I2 - Almost sold-out
Table/Bus Leader: FangZhou
Meeting Time: 4.30pm
Sub-Group – I3 - Almost sold-out
Table/Bus Leader: Kathryn
Meeting Time: 4.30pm
Sub-Group – I4 - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Leila
Meeting Time: 4.30pm

Sub-Group – I5 - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Keisha
Meeting Time: 4.30pm

Group J
Transport Location: QUT (6 George Street, Brisbane)
Group Leader: Suzanne
Sub-Group – J1 -  SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Natasha
Meeting Time: 3.30pm
Sub-Group – J2 -  SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Clarissa
Meeting Time: 3.30pm
Sub-Group – J3 -  SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Anna J
Meeting Time: 3.30pm
Sub-Group – J4 -   - SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Oanh
Meeting Time: 3.30pm
Sub-Group – J5 -   SOLD OUT
Table/Bus Leader: Anna A
Meeting Time: 3.30pm

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