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Tips when buying your Ticket 2019

Our top tips for buying a ticket are:
  1. If you can’t get into the system, don’t assume we are sold out, keep trying. We will tell you on Facebook when we are sold out.
  2. When buying a ticket make sure that you stay right until the end. Once you have paid using PayPal you must return to the Diner en Blanc website. If you don’t do this you may get charged for your ticket, but not actually have a space.
  3. Only buy a ticket for yourself and a guest, once, and in your own name. There are always big issues if you try and buy for your friends either using another email that you own, or using their details. See no. 14 for more information.
  4. You don’t need to buy wine, food or hire at the same time as your ticket. You should focus on buying your ticket, and securing your place. You can come back to buy other items later.
If you are having any troubles, stay calm, and have a look at the following tips. For:
  • Not being able to locate your email invite, see 5 below.
  • Information about the event and the transport locations, see 6 below.
  • When to buy a ticket, see 7 below.
  • How long do I get to buy a ticket, see 8 below.
  • What is a member and a guest, and what to do if you don’t have a guest yet, see 9 below.
  • Having Issues paying, see 10 below.
  • Not able to select the same gender, see 11 below.
  • Unsure what a transport location is, see 12 below.
  • Unsure about whether you need to know the Group or Table Leader, see 13 below.
  • Trying to buy more than 2 tickets at a time, this can cause big issues, so please see 14 below.
  • Still having issues, see item 15 below.
  • Want to know what you will see when you buy a ticket, see 16 below.

5. Can't locate your email invite
If you are on the Waiting List you should have received your email invite. If you haven't, then make sure you check your junk and also search for "Blanc". To make doubly sure, try and put your name and email on the Waiting List again here.

If you have just put your name on the list, please note the emails are not sent automatically and we try to send out batches as frequently as we can (at least twice a day).

If you still do not have your email invite, email us at and we will assist.

6. Read and re-read your invite

Your invite has important information in it (like that this is an 18+ event). Make sure you check and re-check it. If you don’t understand something, have a look on our website, and our Facebook page, and contact us for more information (our preference is that you ask general questions via Facebook so that everyone can see the answers)

7. Get in quick
Your best chance at getting a ticket, is to buy it exactly at the time your phase goes on sale.

However the system can only take about a hundred ticket sales at a time. So if at 8am you can't seem to buy a ticket, wait a few minutes until tickets have been sold. Keep trying every 5 minutes, until we announce on 
our Facebook page that we are sold out. 

8. Time limit
There is a 20 minute time limit when purchasing tickets. So make sure you have everything ready, and we suggest you don't purchase items from the "Store" like food, hire or wine. You can go back and do this afterwards.

9. Member + Guest
Everyone who gets a ticket becomes a member, and must bring a guest. When you purchase your ticket, you also purchase a ticket for your guest at the same time. Make sure you have your guest’s name and email address ready.

If you don't know who you will bring as a guest, you can just make up a name for now. Make sure the made-up email has an “@” and a “.com” - something like works.
10. Issues Paying
Our payment system is through PayPal, and sometimes there are issues with PayPal out of our control. If you are having trouble with paying, below are some tips:
A-If you have a Paypal account, use the account. It generally works better if you have one. The security is even better than using a credit card alone.
B-Don't use a phone or tablet
C-used recommended browser Chrome or Firefox
D-clear browser cookies
E-clear browser cache
F-try a different browser
G-try on a different computer
H-try a different credit card
I-contact Paypal, because after a few unsuccessful payment attempts IP address may get “blacklisted” by Paypal
11. I want to come with a person who is the same gender as myself, how do I do this?
You are more than welcome to come with a person who is the same gender. See the informaton in item 16, screen 2 to see where to do this.

12. What is a Transport Location?

To keep the location of the event a secret, everyone meets at different Transport Locations around Brisbane. At these locations you will meet your Table/Bus Leader in person. They will then lead you to a bus or will lead you on foot to the "secret location".

We do not reveal whether you will be catching a bus or walking before the event, to keep the location a secret. Be prepared to walk up to 600m from the Transport Location or drop off.

13. What are Group Leaders and Table Leaders? Do I need to know the Group Leader or Table Leader?

Group Leaders and Table Leaders are volunteers that we have pre-selected to assist you before and during the event.

You do not need to know these people before you buy your ticket. There is one Group Leader per Transport Location, and there are multiple Table Leaders at the Transport Locations, who are supervised by the Group Leader.

You will have direct contact with your Table Leader. A Table Leader looks after 30 "members" and assists them before the event answering any questions and sending out information and reminders. At the event they direct you to the secret location, sit in your row, direct you to start the napkin wave and sparklers, can answer your questions, and direct you to toilets, help you clean up etc. If you have any trouble during the night, your Table Leader can help you.

Our Table Leaders do an incredible job! We ask that you appreciate that they are volunteering their time, and will try to assist you as best they can.

14. I have registered 2 email addresses, can I purchase 2 spots (eg. 4 tickets)?

The website does not facilitate buying more than one double ticket at a time (a member and a guest). Your friends can purchase their own tickets, but if you have registered two of your own personal emails twice, or your friend has given you their email invite to buy their ticket for them this can cause big issues, and can leave you overcharged and with only one ticket.

** Please consider whether you really need purchase double tickets for other people. Please only buy tickets in your own name.

However this is not something we can police, and people do it every year. If you decide to ignore our warnings you should wait 20 minutes between purchases (so the system can time out), or use a different computer, AND you must use two different PayPal accounts (preferably in the name of the member). Using the same payment method (same credit card, or PayPal account) will leave you charged through PayPal twice, but not placed on our system. If this happens, and we have sold out, we will have to refund the second charge, but one member and guest will miss out.

If you have purchase multiple member's tickets in your name (but with different emails), you must tell the Table Leader who will be the member using that ticket, so that they know who will be attending. Note all members must be over 18!


15. Having issues when buying a ticket?

If you are having issues buying a ticket go to our Facebook page first. If many, many other people are saying they are having problems, just hold tight we will be busy trying to fix them. We will make any announcements via Facebook.

If your issue is related to Pay Pal, unfortunately any PayPal issues are out of our control. It can help if you use a Chrome or Firefox browser.

If a credit card payment is not accepted and the above has been tried, then we suggest to try with a different credit card. After 3 different credit cards PayPal will probably block the user. When a credit card is not accepted we cannot do anything, you will have to contact PayPal (
details here) or your credit card company. We have heard from other cities that some specific credit cards may not work with PayPal (system compatibility issues).

If your issue is private (eg. related to your personal details) email us at

16. What will I see as I buy a ticket?

Please note that these are screen captures from 2014, but you will see the same view, however the Transport Locations, Group Leaders and Table/Bus Leaders are different.

Screen 1

Enter in your Invitation code in here - this will have been supplied in your invite.

Screen 2


Screen 3

Screen 4

Screens 5, 6 and 7

Continue through the process to payment

Sorry, but we are not resposible for you missing out on a ticket

We are doing everything possible to ensure you get your ticket, however if you make a mistake, don't follow our tips or information that you have been provided with, or the event sells out before you get your ticket, we are very sorry, but we cannot help.

Each year we pay attention to how many people are signing up on the Waiting List and how many went the previous year. We do, however, select the amount of people attending early in our event planning, and the numbers are determined by how many can fit in the secret location. To get the best location sometimes we need to have a smaller number of people.

We cannot cater for everyone who is interested in coming, but we hope that if you miss out this year, you will try again next year.

Thank you for reading and Good luck!

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