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Ticket purchase information

The following is important information when purchasing a ticket:

Your invitation entitles you to not only register a table for two for this year’s event, but you will also renew your official member of Le Dîner en Blanc upon finalizing your registration. If you cannot attend this year, we recommend registering as absent by starting the ticket buying process and clicking on absent on the second page.

To complete your online registration, you will need to:

  • Provide the name and contact information of your guest; this is the person accompanying you (which could always be modified at a later time).

  • Choose your Group Leader and Table Leader based on your preferred departure point.* (see below list)

  • Enter the full name and email address of your Phase 2 sponsored friend. (optional)

  • Finalize your registration, using a credit card or a PayPal account.

*IMPORTANT: If you want to be seated with your friends, please remember to ask them what their departure point is, as well as the name of their Table Leader prior to making your selectionOnce your selection has been made, it cannot be modified. Due to place limitations and requests from other guests, there may not necessarily be enough room to register in the same group as your friends. 

This registration code will not guarantee you a place if you do not complete your registration during Phase 1. Places are limited and attendance is always determined on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t leave this to the last minute.

Participation fees are $96 per table (for both you and your guest). This covers overhead costs, such as entertainment, venue rental, sound and lighting, permits, insurance, security and more. Please note that a mandatory Dîner en Blanc International membership fee will be applied to your order upon payment. This guarantees you a Phase 1 priority invitation to next year’s event!

When you register, you may choose from the following departure points (note some locations have sold out). Meeting times vary depending on the distance from the event site: 

  1. New Farm Park 1 - 3.10pm

  2. Royal Snack Bar - 3.45pm

  3. The Exhibition Building - 3.45pm

  4. King Street - 3.15pm

  5. Green Square 1 - 3.15pm

  6. Green Square 2 - 4.15pm

  7. QUT Gardens Point 1 - 4pm

  8. QUT Gardens Point 2 - 4.30pm

  9. Adelaide Street - 4pm

  10. Roma Street Parkland 1 - 3.10pm

  11. Roma Street Parklands 2 - 3.50pm

More information about which locations are avaliable is here.

If you experience any difficulty signing up, or if you have any questions firstly have a look at our Tips or feel free to contact Le Dîner en Blanc - Brisbane team at

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