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Groups avaliable

Below are the groups/Transport Locations that are available or sold out.

Use this when planning ahead to buy your tickets. It's particualrly important if you want to try and book with friends.

Group Time to arrive at the Transport Location
1 Roma Street Parklands 1 15:00
Adelaide Sold Out
Athens Sold Out
Atlanta Sold Out
Auckland Sold Out
2 Roma Street Parklands 2 16:15
Bangkok Sold Out
Barcelona Sold Out
Brisbane Sold Out
Buenos Aires Sold Out
3 Brunswick Street 1 15:20
Budapest Almost Sold Out
Calgary Half Available
Canberra Half Available
Cape Town Tickets Available
4 Brunswick Street 2 16:00
Catagena Tickets Available
Chicago Tickets Available
Dallas Tickets Available
5 Brunswick Street 3 16:40
Darwin Tickets Available
Dubai Half Available
Edmonton Tickets Available
Edmundston Tickets Available
6 QUT Gardens Point 1 15:15
Fraser Coast Sold Out
Gold Coast Sold Out
Havana Sold Out
Hong Kong Sold Out
7 QUT Gardens Point 2 16:30
Honolulu Sold Out
Houston Sold Out
Indianapolis Sold Out
Johannesburg Sold Out
8 New Farm Park Rose Garden 1 15:30
Las Vegas Sold Out
London Sold Out
Long Island Sold Out
Los Angeles Sold Out
9 New Farm Park Rose Garden 2 16:10
Madrid Almost Sold Out
Melbourne Half Available
Mexico City Half Available
Miami Almost Sold Out
10 New Farm Park Rose Garden 3 16:50
Montreal Almost Sold Out
Nairobi Almost Sold Out
New Orleans Sold Out
New York Almost Sold Out
11 Reddacliff Place 15:40
Kilgali Sold Out
Kingston Sold Out
Kuala Lumpur Sold Out
12 Queen Street Mall 1 15:30
Orlando Sold Out
Paris Sold Out
13 Queen Street Mall 2 16:40
Perth Sold Out
Philadelphia Sold Out
14 Sydney St 1 15:45
Puerto Rico Half Available
Quebec City Tickets Available
Rio de Janeiro Tickets Available
15 Sydney St 2 16:20
San Jose Half Available
Seoul Tickets Available
Shanghai Tickets Available
16 Sydney St 3 17:00
Singapore Tickets Available
Sydney Half Available
Toowoomba Tickets Available
17 Adelaide St 16:50
Toronto Sold Out
Vancouver Sold Out
Vilinius Sold Out
18 W Brisbane 16:20
Washington DC Sold Out
19 BMW Brisbane 15:15
Zagreb Sold Out

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