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We are looking for Table Leader Volunteers!
If you are interested, please review the role description below, and then sign up on the Registration page by clicking on “Volunteer as leader” under the yellow button. (
Table Leaders are the “face of the event”. Your primary task is to help answer your guest’s questions before the event, and to lead them on the night. If you have never volunteered before, that’s fine, an experienced “Group Leader” volunteer will assist you, and will be your primary contact. If you have any questions, you can ask your Group Leader at any time.
Our Table Leaders have a great time! It’s not all work, and you get to enjoy the night, just like everyone else. So if you want to contribute to this magical event, please register your interest to volunteer.
Below are some details about being a Table Leader. We will also be holding a Celebratory Welcome Event to mingle with other volunteers, learn from their experience, and have a few drinks and some delicious food.
Your role
Your main role is to:
  • Communicate with a group of guests
  • Communicate with up to 30 guests (members)
  • Communication before and after the event is via email, to 30 guests
  • You will communicate with up to 60 guests face to face during the event
  • You will lead up to 60 guests during the event
Our Expectations
We understand you all have busy lives and we appreciate your assistance at this exciting event
The experience will be unforgettable! Whilst we don’t expect you to all be Event Managers overnight, we do have some expectations about behaviour including:
  • Your safety and the guests safety is of the highest importance, if you see anything that would affect the safety of yourself or a guest, please inform a security member immediately
  • Never be rude to a member, please contact your Group Leader if you are having any problems
  • Communication is very important in your role, you are the direct link to your members, make sure you keep them informed before the event and especially during the event. Even if something is going wrong, or you are unsure, please keep the guests up-to-date
  • Consider the member’s privacy. Always BCC in groups when communicating via email and never share any of the other guests personal details
  • You must be a model guest yourself. Still have fun, you are welcome to have a drink, dance and enjoy yourself, but understand you are the face of Diner en Blanc
  • You must follow all of the Diner en Blanc rules yourself
  • Remember you are representing the Diner en Blanc brand, you should not speak negatively of the event or the hosts, members or guests. If you are having any issues, please speak to your Group Leader
What you get 
  • The opportunity to be part of a spectacular event, and contribute positively to the vibrancy of Brisbane
  • Experience at Event Management (we can provide a certificate, if required)
  • A free ticket, and a membership to Diner en Blanc
  • A free ticket for your guest
  • The opportunity to invite 3 other people to become members (who will be able to bring a guest each – so that’s 6 friends who can buy tickets and join you)
  • Free attendance to a celebratory Welcome Event
If you are interested in become a Table Leader sign up on the Registration page by clicking on “Volunteer as leader” under the yellow button. (

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